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Deep Orange SMS Alert nu beschikbaar via TomTom Telematics
Posted by Leo Root (user) on 26 February 2016 01:30 PM

Deep Orange SMS Alert nu beschikbaar via TomTom Telematics

Met SMS alert van Deep Orange wordt via SMS aan de klant de exacte aankomsttijd van de afspraak of levering gemeld. Uw klant weet dus precies hoe laat uw chauffeur aankomt en uw chauffeurs staat dus ook nooit meer voor een gesloten deur. Dat bespaart veel tijd en ergernis.

Gratis proberen

Als WEBFLEET klant bieden wij u graag de mogelijkheid om SMS Alert zelf uit te proberen. Vraag een proef-account aan en ontvang een maximum van 100 SMS berichten gratis. Na deze 100 SMS berichten vervalt het account en heeft u geen verdere verplichtingen.


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Deep Orange - RFID Reader support via
Posted by Leo Root (user) on 23 November 2013 08:51 AM
Deep Orange RFID Reader

Deep Orange, in collaboration with Tom Tom Business Telematics has developed a RFID reader that communicates with the backend software via LINK.connect. For example: time registration, attendance registration and ERP packages. The RFID reader uses the regular ASK 64 chip based RFID badges that may be ordered separately from the readers.


How it works

The solution provided by Deep Orange works as follows:

The driver holds his RFID badge in the vicinity of the reader. As soon as the badge is recognised, a switch in the reader is activated. The switch can be connected to a buzzer or an immobiliser circuit. The result is that if the driver does NOT check in, the buzzer or immobiliser stays activated which means that the driver has to endure the noise and cannot start the vehicle. The reader is local and does not need to connect with Tom Tom Webfleet to function.

As soon as the reader has read the badge, the details are sent via LINK.connect to the Deep Orange developed WORK Report back end software. The timestamp of the check in / check out is registered and is saved for later processing.

The behaviour of the RFID reader can be altered with the Control panel (included). For example: Activation and deactivation of the relay (buzzer), entering details back into Webfleet, loading a whitelist of people and activating a link with an ERP package.



- Digital switch with which external hardware like buzzers and immobilisers can be controlled

- Reading of RFID tags. The tag-id is sent to the back office via link.connect for further processing

- Check in and check out of drivers, co-drivers and passengers

- Loading a whitelist (20 numbers) into the reader from the back office. Only the RFID tags in the list are recognised by the reader

- Led status indicators for blue tooth connection and card recognition

- Internal buzzer for audio signals

- Configurable behaviour of the RFID reader via the WORK Report Control panel

- Standard connection with Tom Tom WEBFLEET

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